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Local SEO PackagesSTANDARD
Per Month
Per Month

Per Month

Per Month
Keywords Plan
Keywords Allowed5101525
Page 1 GuaranteeWrongWrong510
SEO Pre Audit & Analysis
Detail Site AnalysisWrongRightRightRight
Competition AnalysisWrongRightRightRight
Keyword Research & AnalysisWrongRightRightRight
Initial Rank ReportWrongRightRightRight
Broken Link CheckWrongRightRightRight
Google Penalty CheckWrongRightRightRight
Mobile Usability Issue CheckingWrongRightRightRight
On Page Optimization
Google Analytics
Google AnalyticsWrongRightRightRight
Google Webmaster SetupWrongRightRightRight
Data Markup//Rich Snippets
Open Graph MarkupWrongWrongRightRight
Structured Data MarkupWrongWrongRightRight
Advanced Schema.OrgWrongWrongRightRight
Knowledge Graph MarkupWrongWrongRightRight
Authorship Mark UpWrongWrongRightRight
Organization, Review or Product Mark UpWrongWrongRightRight
Website Code Analysis
URL Optimization - Search Engine Friendly URLsWrongRightRightRight
Canonical OptimizationWrongRightRightRight
Robots.txt OptimizationWrongRightRightRight
Creation and Validation of .htaccess and robots.txtWrongRightRightRight
XML Sitemap & Html Sitemap ConfigurationWrongRightRightRight
Add markup.WrongRightRightRight
Broken Link Checking & Fixing. 404 & 301 RedirectsWrongRightRightRight
HTML Schema ImplementationWrongWrongRightRight
W3C Markup ValidationWrongWrongRightRight
Validate Code and FeedsWrongWrongRightRight
Content ANALYSIS & Optimization
Title TagsWrongWrongRightRight
Meta Description TagsWrongWrongRightRight
Keywords TagWrongWrongRightRight
Header TagWrongWrongRightRight
Have Bold, Italic and Underline of KeywordsWrongWrongRightRight
Image Alt Tag OptimizationWrongWrongRightRight
500 to 600 Word Artciles On Easy PageWrongWrongRightRight
Engaging Iimages, Videos & DiagramsWrongWrongRightRight
Keywords in Post / Page TitlesWrongWrongRightRight
Keyword MUST Appear in The First Sentence. With in First 100 WordsWrongWrongRightRight
Keyword MUST Appear in The LAST SentenceWrongWrongRightRight
Keyword Density 2%WrongWrongRightRight
Keyword Prominence 100%WrongWrongRightRight
Keyword Proximity 100%WrongWrongRightRight
At least 1 Do Follow, Outbound Link to Internal Page with Keyword as Anchor TextWrongWrongRightRight
At least 1 Outbound Link to REPUTABLE External PageWrongWrongRightRight
On-Site Optimization
Silo SEO Site BuildingWrongWrongRightRight
Site Hierarchy & NavigationWrongWrongRightRight
Internal Linking Structure - It Helps in Uuser Engagement & Reduce Bounce Rate.WrongWrongRightRight
Outbound Links to REPUTABLE External PageWrongWrongRightRight
Anchor Text OptimizationWrongWrongRightRight
hCard Integration & Pages UpdationWrongRightRightRight
Site Speed Optimization
Optimizing Page Load TimeWrongRightRightRight
Enable compressionWrongRightRightRight
Minify JavaScript & CSS filesWrongRightRightRight
Enable browser cachingWrongRightRightRight
Improve server response timeWrongRightRightRight
Use Content distribution networks (CDNs)WrongRightRightRight
Optimize ImagesWrongRightRightRight
Mobile Optimized
Responsive Web DesignWrongWrongRightRight
Mobile site ConfigurationWrongWrongRightRight
AMP ProtocolWrongWrongRightRight
Optimize for Local SearchWrongWrongRightRight
Dynamic ServingWrongWrongRightRight
Vary HTTP HeaderWrongWrongRightRight
Separate Mobile URLWrongWrongRightRight
Mobile SitemapWrongWrongRightRight
Review or Product Mark UpWrongWrongRightRight
Voice Optimization
Voice searchWrongWrongWrongRight
Manual Citation Building
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup, Verification & OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Bing Places OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Apple Maps OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Yelp Listing CreationRightRightRightRight
Yellow Pages CreationRightRightRightRight
Foursquare Listing CreationRightRightRightRight
Data Aggregators
Top 50 Citation
The Best Business Listings For Every Local Business10204050
Hyper Local Citation
Hyper Local CitationsWrongWrongWrongRight
Niche CitationsWrongWrongWrongRight
Manual Citation Building
City Specific CitationWrongWrongWrongRight
Niche Specific CitationWrongWrongWrongRight
Citation Building ToolsWrongWrongWrongRight
Social Media Optimization (Per Month)
Facebook Business ProfileRightRightRightRight
Facebook Timeline DesignRightRightRightRight
Facebook Fan Page CreationRightRightRightRight
Facebook Places OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Links Submission on Facebook Business pageRightRightRightRight
Connect with TwitterRightRightRightRight
Twitter AccountRightRightRightRight
Twitter Business ProfileRightRightRightRight
Links submission on TwitterRightRightRightRight
Connect with TwitterfeedRightRightRightRight
Connect Google Plus with TwitterRightRightRightRight
Connect with TwitterRightRightRightRight
Profile & Boards CreationRightRightRightRight
Pinterest OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Pin Website, Youtube & Other Socail AccountsRightRightRightRight
Connect with Twitter & FacebookRightRightRightRight
Google Plus
Google Plus Business Page Creation/OptimizationRightRightRightRight
Google Plus ProfileRightRightRightRight
Google + Wall UpdatesRightRightRightRight
Create CirclesRightRightRightRight
Find & Add People to CirclesRightRightRightRight
Connect Google Plus with TwitterRightRightRightRight
LinkedIn Business Page CreationRightRightRightRight
Connect with Other Social AccountsRightRightRightRight
FourSquare SetupRightRightRightRight
Connect with Other Social AccountsRightRightRightRight
Content Marketing (Per Month)
Social Media Aggregator2222
Web 2.0 Creation5101010
HD Video Creation & Submission
Number of HD Video Creation24610
Number of HD Video Submission10152020
Power Point Slide Creation & Submission
Number of Power Point Slide Creation1111
Number of Power Point Slide Submission5101010
PDF and Document Creation & Submission
Number of PDF and Document Creation1111
Number of PDF and Document Submission5101010
e-Book Creation & Submission
Number of e-Book CreationWrongWrong11
Number of e-Book SubmissionWrongWrong1010
HTML5 Digital Publishing
Number of CreationWrongWrong11
Number of SubmissionWrongWrong1010
Infographic Submission & Creation
Number of Infographic CreationWrong255
Number of Infographic SubmissionWrong152020
Photo Sharing Sites
Number of Photos Creation5555
Number of Photos Submission10101010
Cinemagraphs Creation & Submission
Number of Cinemagraphs CreationWrongWrong23
Number of Cinemagraphs SubmissionWrongWrong1010
Typography Creation & Submission
Number of Typography CreationWrongWrong35
Number of Typography SubmissionWrongWrong1010
Audio Creation & Submission
Number of Audio files CreationWrong233
Number of Audio files SubmissionWrong101010
Pod-cast Creation & Submission
Number of Pod-cast CreationWrongWrong33
Number of Pod-cast SubmissionWrongWrong1010
Manual Blogger Outreach & Guestographics
Number of Infographic CreationWrongWrongWrong5
Number of Infographic SubmissionWrongWrongWrong50
Mobile Apps Creation & Submission
Number of Mobile Apps CreationWrongWrongWrong1
Number of Mobile Apps SubmissionWrongWrongWrong10
Coupon & Deals Sites
Number of Coupon CreationWrongWrongWrong1
Number of Coupon SubmissionWrongWrongWrong10
Monthly Reporting
Keyword Ranking ReportRightRightRightRight
Monthly Action PlanRightRightRightRight
24/7 Live Project TrackingRightRightRightRight
Email SupportRightRightRightRight
Skype Chat SupportRightRightRightRight
Skype Call SupportRightRightRightRight
Telephone Call SupportRightRightRightRight