Aggressive Local SEO – Monthly Link Building Plan eXecutive Package

First Month

What You Are Getting In This Package- Every thing mentioned In ‘One Off Order’

Second Month

:- Local Citation Building
– Hyper Local Citation
– Search Citation Sources Manually
:- HD Video Creation & Submission
:- Infographic Creation & Distribution
:- Audio & Podcasts Distribution
:- E-Book Creation & Distribution
:- Photo Directories Creation & Submission
:- Web 2.0
:- Power Point Slide Creation & Submission
:- PDF and Document Creation & Submission
:- Cinemagraphs Creation & Distribution
:- Typography Creation & Distribution
:- HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform

Third Month

:- Detail Site Analysis
– Find Long tail keywords
– Request for articles or Create Articles with help of PLR

:- Competition Analysis
Competitor Site analysis
Update SEO strategy accordingly
Build better backlinks from Your Competitor
:- Local Citation Building
:- Mobile Apps For Link Building
:- Manual Blogger Outreach & Guest Posting
(Infographic Outreach & Guestographics)

Fourth Month

Focus On More keywords. ( with help of aherf content Gap)

Add more content

Make your site an authority site.