Amod Oke

Hey all,
Just wished to chime in and write a lil bit about my experience with Luckyman…

I gave him some sites that were either nowhere found in G, were on pages 4-5, or had been lying dead, non functional for months.

My results are as follows after about a month and half…

Have a look at the ones marked in red and the movement in the last month. These sites were specifically the ones worked by Lucky’s team.

Though some of them dont have astronomical rankings, NOTE that most of these sites are almost like dead or almost non-functioning, so my team just has to correct the on site issues and I am sure without doing anything more we’ll be on page 1 for all of them.

Pros of Luckyman’s service:

  1. Extremely cost effective.
  2. Excellent communication with timely, daily work reports.
  3. Accommodates special requests.
  4. HIGHLY experienced in all kinds of seo “hats”.
  5. Walks the walk.

I buy A LOT of seo related gigs and services and can vouch for these guys without any doubt. For creating quality links on a large variety of sites and web properties, you can’t do better than them.