Increased google rankings with 33.378 spots in 1 week

So how about if you woke up one sunny day, logged in to your ranktracker and found out that your site has increased its ranking with 33.378 spots in Google. I can say it´s a good feeling. So this is my story…

I have been working with Luckyman and using his services since 2012.

But this was the first time I could try his new recovery service out. I was a little skeptic in the beginning even though I have always been very satisfied with the services he delivers. It just sounded too good to be true.

I had a site which was hit with a manual penalty for unnatural links about 6 months ago. And I never thought I would ever see that site ranking again…

It had been sitting there with the -40 penalty which means that whatever you do you cannot get above spot 40 in the serp. So if you before penalty were nr 1 for a keyword. That keyword ends up at spot 40.

So anyway I sent all details over to Luckyman and his team and a few days later it bounced up again.

Seeing a site literally just jump up from nowhere to the top in the serps is something everyone should experience.

So if you are thinking about getting experienced help with penalty recovery, Luckyman and his team are the pros you should use.