Well I had to come back and update due to my two GREAT experiences. I ordered the Aggressive White Hat SEO PACKAGE 1 Price = $75 twice –> for one blog and for one site around 2-3 months ago. See my older posts via my profile. I have had my blog for just a few months, and my site for 8 years.

1) My first order was for the blog. I was immediately impressed with the amount of work Lucky’s team put in for just the $75 I paid them. They do videos, slides, social media if required, blogs etc… Soon, my relatively new blog was ranking in the top 20-50 for three different sets of keyword phrases I was interested in. Bigger success than I could have ever hoped for in a fairly competitive field for such a recent blog. No top ten rankings yet, but I would not expect any more success unless I purchase the monthly packages or write many more blog posts/new content.

2) For my site, the success took a bit longer even though the site is 8 years old and has the best content on the web for the subject it covers per numerous testimonials I have received over the years via e-mail. Unlike the blog, for the site I was only interested in ranking for one keyword. At one point several years prior to my paying Lucky, the site ranked around 100 for the main keyword, but in the past year or two, google started ranking my forums (always below 100, sometimes below 200) rather than the home page of my site for the main keyword. Strange. After Lucky’s team’s work, nothing changed for a month. My site was still not ranked at all for the main keyword, but the forums were ranked instead, and still very low and never in the top 100. Basically, all the work Lucky’s team did had not changed anything at all.

After a number of e-mails and chats with Lucky, he later told me to make one simple change (relabel all the “Home” links on top of my content pages to the main keyword instead), but I still did not believe that would work since I had done exactly that in the past to no avail. For one month after I made that change nothing happened. I felt validated thinking that Lucky was wrong and I was right. I never liked removing the “Home” from the top of each page since that is the best word to describe my “Home” page, but did not want to change everything yet one more time. Site is HTML only, so not fun to change every page due to lack of one controlling CSS file.

Anyway, my patience was rewarded, as today when I checked google, my site ranked 33 for the main keyword!! Was never that high for the main keyword in 8 years on the web, and for the past year or two, it was not even ranked (the forums were ranked instead of the site as I mentioned earlier). For the $75 plan, I do not expect to see this success maintained. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the monthly plan, as the income from that site and my savings are not enough to justify that expenditure at the moment.

One thing to note is that my site is about a medical condition and the top rankings are dominated by official/professional hospital and doctor or surgeon websites. Even if I chose the monthly plan, I do not think that google will rank me in the top 10 for a medical subject.

About to pay Lucky for a third project:-)