Jesse Custer

I took a review copy. I would describe this service as “Professional and On-Point”.

From experience, I know how tedious it is manually building web 2.0 properties. The ones @luckyman built not only looked good but they flowed better than a lot of content I’ve brought from BHW. They were that good I stuck a few through copyscape and to much surprise they all passed! I would love to know his “Secret Sauce” for that.

The videos, slideshows and auido-sharing were also of a similar quality. Hell, he even created 6 social networks (including facebook, twitter, stumbleupon) and they all look great. Good use of images and links and I can tell a lot of due care and attention has gone into this service.


At the moment, I’m seeing slight positive movements. I will report back it improves.


A solid service which is really well written and pleasing on the eye.

The only thing I’d say is to improve the reporting procedure. There is a URL where you can download various reports, but a document with a (brief) summary of what was done would be great. It would also be a bit more personal for the customer. It’s only a small issue as it’s not in keeping with the quality of the actual work itself.

Thanks for the review copy and best of luck with future sales!