I Ordered a free Gold Package.


Communication has been good from the start.
The reports have been coming through with all the work that had been completed, detailed thoroughly stage by stage.

What I like about this service is the wide diversity of the links, the types of linking used. There are some real powerhouse links here which are spread across various platforms.

Amongst the reports is a to do list, which highlights the next stage, the titles for articles etc
Reports have been regular with updates received too.


Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, You Tube, StumbleUpon, Profiles and channels set up.

There is such a lot of work gone into this project.

Yes there are improvements in some keywords already, yes there are also a couple which are dancing about – no surprise after the Google shake up this past week.

Too early to give precise figures as the work is still ongoing, but thus far this is a top class service.

Plenty of bang for your buck, but also plenty diversification too. Good job.