Hi Lucky,

I need a VA to manage several SEO projects for me and I believe your price is fair. I do have some questions if you don’t mind:

1) Is the article writing included in the VA Package?

2) If I buy just the Package 2 of your Aggressive Whitehat SEO Service, can I give you 5 URLs and 10 keywords?

3) Is Package 2 of your Aggressive Whitehat SEO Service safe to use on brand new websites?

4) In regards to ranking YouTube videos on Google, is Package 1 enough to rank 5 moderately competitive keywords?

5) If I pay for full-time VA today, when can my VA start on my websites?

6) Can my VA help me do a Website Audit and perform the actual On-Page Optimization steps for all my projects?

I have a few SEO clients and I’m looking for someone skilled with both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. It would really help me a lot if my VA can handle On-Page SEO in addition to Off-Page. Please let me know.

I am also adding your Skype account so we can briefly discuss work. As I said, I have a few SEO projects and I need to know if you can help.