I am very honoured to receive a gold package review copy from luckyman. I am so lucky (no pun intended).

luckyman emailed me the draft designs for infographic, typographic, logo, and youtube video. I’m very impressed with the high quality design! Not to mention that it was completed just less than 2 days after sending him the details. The infographic, typographic, and logo were very professional-looking.

Then several days later, all backlinks were created and he sent me a report to browse them. The report is very neat with different tabs allocated for different backlinks. Direct links to the backlinks were all listed and he even inserted the current rankings for all the keywords of my money site.

All backlinks are created on authority sites such as issuu, slideshare, reddit, authostream, facebook, youtube, and many many more. The backlinks are interlinked like linkwheels – one back to the moneysite, and several to other backlink sites. All links linking to other backlinks are shortened with URL shorteners.

TL;DR: this service is brilliant with lots of effort and hardwork being made. Every backlink is posted in each social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus profile, and so on.

The price is definitely worth for all the hardwork luckyman provides. A highly recommended backlink service!

My rankings has jumped about 11 spots now for one keyword. However, since I also have another 2 small backlink package ongoing with this review copy, I can’t guarantee if this backlink service alone was responsible for the increase in keyword rankings.