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Next Generation Private Blog Network That Passes Google's Manual Review 100% of the Time.

Private Blog Networks (PBN) Are The Most Effective Link Building Strategy.

Private Blog Networks (PBN) help you to rank your sites EXTREMELY HIGH in Search Engines. Private Blog Networks use expired domains with a lot of trust and power. It’s a great way to get powerful, authoritative links without spending months and months on content marketing, and without building dangerous, spammy links. Private Blog Networks are the Most Powerful, The Most Effective and The Most Reliable link building tool available today.  It's the "secret weapon" that gurus, SEO agencies, smart Internet Marketers and multimillion dollar companies are using. All of the large SEO companies maintain their own private network to use on their clients' sites.

The Question Is... Why Are PBN'S So Effective?

A Link from a PBN is both Relevant AND Powerful. PBN"S create the PERFECT BACKLINK.

Example Of Perfect Backlinks

  • Links from Relevant AND High Quality sites.
  • Contextual Links
  • Stay forever on the homepage to get the most out of the PR
  • Very few outbound links

It is entirely possible to create the "PERFECT BACKLINK" with the help of "Perfectly Designed" PBN'S. That's Why ALL of the TOP Experts, GURU'S and SEO Agencies use PBN'S to power their Ranking Results.


Benefits of Having Your Own Private Blog Networks

  • Links from HIGH QUALITY, EXTREME RELEVANCY authority sites.
  • Niche relevant homepage links means instant increase in rankings
  • Dominate almost any niche
  • Links your competitors can never get.
  • Link juice not shared with other sites.
  • Full control over the quality of sites, links from anchor text, outbound links & neighborhood.
  • Most affordable way to gain niche relevant high authority links
  • Permanent home page links - Your links will never ever removed
  • Cost effective - No recurring monthly fees.
  • No footprints or risk of getting Google penalty
  • Peace of mind from Google updates.

Perhaps, that's the Reason you should Create Your OWN Private Blog Networks (PBNs). The problem is, Building SAFE yet POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE Private Blog Network is COMPLICATED!

Building Your Own PBN is VERY Complicated

WHY? Because to build a Powerful PBN that is ALSO SAFE requires specialized skills and knowledge including:

  • Finding Quality Domain Names at reasonable price.
  • Hosting is One of the Biggest hassles
  • Build A PBN That Pass Google Manual Review
  • SEO Foot Prints.

Because there are so many highly technical elements involved... we strongly suggest you allow our team of PBN building Experts to build your PBN for you. This will allow you to get the most safe, most powerful PBN you can find... without any of the hassle or risk involved with trying to learn to build it yourself where you will have a very high degree of risk if you do just 1 thing incorrectly.

Why Not just Hire our Team of Highly Trained PBN Experts to Build it for You?

Building PBN Is Complicated


Building "Custom" Private Blog Network Is Our Specialty. 100% Unique, Customized PBN's Designed Specifically for Your Ranking Needs

Private Blog Network Portfolio

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Features of "Custom"Private Blog Network Building Service

  • We Create 100% Unique, "CUSTOM" PBN'S that are BOTH Powerful and Safe.
  • We Create Each Blogs Manually with Quality Content, Unique Design, Unique Layout & Custom Logo.
  • We Create Articles of 1000 Word for Home Page & 500 to 600 word Quality Article for post.
  • We Create Articles With The Help of Article Builder and Ezine Articles & Manually spin.
  • We use Media Rich Content Like Slideshare Presentations, PDF download links, Infographics, Podcasts e.g.
  • We use Relevant Images, Videos and Outbound Link to Relevant Authority Pages.
  • We Set Important pages like About US, Contact US, Privacy Policy and Error 404 to home page.

Build A Private Blog Network That Passes Google Human reviews.

Its Possible to Create the Blog Network with Two methods. Broken Link Method or Re-purpose Method.


Broken Link Method

Broken link building (sometimes called dead link building) is a technique that involves pointing out a link on another website that is no longer working and also asking for a link to your website. We Build Quality Private Blog Network with Broken Link Method.

  • We check snapshots for an expired domain At Archive.org or Wayback Machine
  • Recreate the Content & Site. The main Object is to Make the site better then before.
  • Redesign and make content rich site.

Repurpose Method

Just Rebuild the site. (The Problem Is Irrelevant Back links. It works In short run only)

  • Add Niche Relevant Content & Deploy The Links Or
  • Rebuild the site and make any think like Article Directory, Web directory, Community sites, Screen Saver Or Wall Paper Site, videos or Music site etc.

We will Build a "CUSTOM" Private Blog Network using the Broken Link Method. Click here to Read More

Here are the Steps We Will Take For You when You Become Our Client

STEP 1 : We Will Help You to Find Quality Domain Name At Reasonable Price. Read More

STEP 2 :We Will Help You With PBN Hosting.Read More

STEP 3 : We Will Build Quality Private Blog Network With Zero Footprints

STEP 4 : We Will Help You To Avoid SEO Foot prints.Read More

STEP 5 :We Will Help You To Protect Your PBN From Rev Engineering. Read More

STEP 6 : We Will Help You To Increase Domain Authority of Your PBN ( Optional) . Read More

Important : Domain Names and PBN Hosting ARE Not Included In this service.

You have to Buy Domain Names. (We Will Help You In Finding Quality Domain Names At Reasonable Price)

You have to Buy Hosting. (We Will Help You In finding Best Host for your PBN)


After Ordering Instructions

1. Update the thread with comments along the lines of…. ” Service ordered’ etc.
2. Send us an email (Email id: luckyman@luckydigitals.com) with your order details.
3. Provide to us the required information.
4. Your Order Number
5. Email Address For Report

Information Required

  1. Domain Names & Hosting details ( cPane)
  2. Preferred CMS Like – Word Press, Html, tumblr and blogspot.
  3. If u want to host on tumblr or blogspot, plz contact us for further Instructions.
  4. Please tell us about Your Niche. We can Build PBN for any Niche & any Industry, Like interior design, Medical, health, accounting, gambling etc


Refund Policy

If you not happy with quality of sites, then we offer 100% refund. We will refund your full money within 7 working days.

Turn Around Time

7 Business Days.


Increase Domain Authority of Your PBN.
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