Here is my review of luckyman’s SEO service:

He took a brand new site, less than a day old, and turned it into a nice little money maker. It went from nowhere (not in the top 1000) to within the top 100, and then the top 10 for some keywords, within 60 days.

That is incredible, because my biggest keywords ranged from 5,000 to over 130,000 EXACT searches a month. Yes, no kidding. The highest keyword he has at 65 and moving up (the one with 130K EXACT) and the lower monthly searched keywords raced much higher, much faster.

What “sold” me on his services (among a few other things), is that I was making money with this site before ANY of the keywords were ranking in the top 50. How? Because as part of their SEO strategy, they do a really good job at social media, and I was getting traffic and making sales from this strategy alone, in addition to the social media stuff helping to increase my rankings.

My site went from $45 within the first two weeks if I remember correctly, which pretty much paid for my fee for this service, to $45 again when the very next month rolled around, then it shot up to $180 the month after that, then $405 the next month and $450 the next one after that.

I am in a VERY competitive niche and everybody and their uncle is going after this product and keywords. I really am shocked at what Luckyman and his team have been able to do.

But what I like even more, is that he’s honest. He’ll tell you what’s possible, and what’s not. What’s more, he gives you solutions. What you can do, what you shouldn’t do, and then he offers services to help you reach what you’re trying to achieve.

For what I’ve ordered, the service has been great. Communication is very good. And I’ve ordered some services where you don’t hear back (if at all) for a long time, and I’m happy with Luckyman’s service and responsiveness.

Plus, he just over delivers.

I tried this SEO service after reading the offer, and thought, I’ll give it a shot. I’m happy I did. And while my site isn’t raking in thousands, if he gets one the top 3 keywords into the first page, and especially the top 5, this site will be an easy $3,000 to $10,000 a month site, and that is an understatement.

The reason I did this, I figured if he could even get close to ranking for the keywords I gave him (which are ridiculous for the competition and money involved), then I know he must do wonders for just about everything else.

There may be another service that is better than this one, but I honestly think you’d be hard pressed to find it. If Luckyman isn’t at the very top (and he may be) then he is definitely running very close.

I recommend this service. He is my go-to SEO provider.