I have taken Luckyman’s package 2 for one of my clients local business websites.

He’s in the UPVC Windows, doors etc.. industry.

Lucky pointed out that some onsite needed adjusting which took about an hour to do.

And with all the Google dance over… the site is ranking on page 1 for 8 out of the 10 keywords we signed up for.

The other 2 keywords are not far behind, one is page 2, the other is page 3 and climbing. It really has been a learning curve to make sure my clients sites have the right amount of content and the H1 tags, images and occasional video is placed in all the right places.

My clients site was brand new ranked for nothing, not even his business name. He was nowhere on the radar at all. But now after Lucky’s team have done their magic – and I have edited my clients on-site SEO and added additional content (as pointed out by Lucky) the site is ranking better than expected.

I like how well informed Lucky kept me upto date through out – with reports, updates on Google changes, which I honestly simply repeated back to my client to keep him upto speed to. My client is impressed with my service.

So now I have Lucky working on another site for a different local business client of mine and I have another 2 in the pipe line to join the queue.
My ability to talk SEO with my clients has improved and it’s getting easier to convert clients for SEO. I can only thank Lucky’s support and services for that.

Good work guys. Thanks