Hello Warriors!

I’m leaving this review for Luckyman2k to show my appreciation for his hard work and dedication to an issue I was having with one of my sites.

Apparently I was hit by the big G and the site was all but lost. I contacted Lucky and he assured me that he and his team could recover the site for me in 72 hours. That sounded like a really big claim considering that I had done everything I knew to do to get the site ranking again.

I’ve done quite a bit of SEO work myself and have many sites which rank well online but this particular site was just not co-operating.

Well, I figured what the heck the site is all but lost so what can it hurt.
Before the penalty this particular site was ranking first page for quite a few keywords now it was all gone from the SERPS.

Well, after handing over the site to Lucky I just waited. Sure enough, a little over 72 hours later the site is back on the first page for all of my primary keywords and is showing much improvement with the longer tail keywords I was also ranking for before the penalty.

Now, I’m having Lucky take over the sites SEO all together and am very confident I’ll be able to dominate my niche in a matter of weeks.

Here’s a breakdown of the gains made to the site with Lucky’s work. I’m not showing the actual site or keywords for obvious reasons but these are the numbers and I’m very pleased with the results.

Keyword 1 – Was Gone – Now #1
Keyword 2 – Was Gone – Now #2
Keyword 3 – Was Gone – Now #2
Keyword 4 – Was Gone – Now #4
Keyword 5 – Was Gone – Now #4
Keyword 6 – Was Gone – Now #5
Keyword 7 – Was Gone – Now #8
Keyword 8 – Was Gone – Now #9
Keyword 9 – Was Gone – Now #9
Keyword 10 – Was Gone – Now #22

There are many other longtail keywords the site is showing up for but there’s just too many to list. The 10 keywords that are ranking page one are all of my money keywords. These are the ones that where most important to me and he’s gotten every single one back on page one.

I’m seriously considering handing over all of my SEO to Lucky at this point. I spend many hours working on sites and have gotten to a point where I’m not loving it anymore.

The major reason I’ve done the bulk of the work myself has always been because I could never find an outsourcer that was able to do what they said they would do. Well, Lucky has not only kept his promise of recovering my site in 72 hours but has exceeded my expectations.

Oh, and his customer service is by far the best I’ve come across in a very long time. I write an email and I have a response within minutes. I’m also able to chat with him on Skype and it seems as though he’s always available. I’m not sure if he actually sleeps being that I’m always able to contact him on my time.

Lucky, thank you so much for all you have done for me!! I’m going to be contacting you soon with a list of sites for you to manage and just wanted to show my appreciation by leaving this review online for you.

Very happy customer!!!