Alright guys,

This is overdue – my review for this service. I ordered a package about a month ago for a website that is for my local business. The first thing I did was contact Luckyman and conveyed my thoughts ideas and my information on my website. My main concern was NOT to get delisted or in trouble with google in any way. Lucky was very good and explaining everything and keeping in constant contact. I especially liked when he submitted me the information for approval before publishing and certainly thanked him for that. Because I am a business man, I relinquished all my authority for SEO purposes to him. I do not want or feel a need to babysit a man that is getting paid to perform. My part was the careful selection of keywords, I know what I wanted and had a strategy myself and I had no one to blame if it didn’t workout, so you guys need to remember, we all need to take ownership of our results whether you initiated them or delegated them. Ok, so here are my results.

The first thing I want to mention is my main keyword has very low searches per month but was an extended keyword of the shorter keyword with higher competition and higher searches.

Although I have very low search volume, one conversion could end up to be thousands in my pocket and it has already happened – over 30k for one conversion on the website.

Within a week or so, Lucky was able to get my site on page one for google for my main longtail keyword and the amazing thing was this….. The sites he had his team build started showing up all over the place, at one time I think I owned 75% of page one, my videos were popping up all over the place and after further investigation – my site started showing up on page one for multiple keywords. I have all kinds of sites all over the place, my partner couldn’t believe how much of google space we took. Now, I know some of you may think – well, low search volume and it is but this is what you have to remember or let me put it this way – I will ask you a question. Do you realize how much of the competition I just removed from google? The more territory you own, the less competition you have.

As far as showing up in the google 7 pack, it is showing up and then disappears just below. I know it will move up in time and dominate and I plan on remaining there. In the meantime we are getting traffic and that was the end result we were looking for.

Great Job Luckyman

More work coming your way soon.