The purpose of this review is simple and to the point.

This exceptional SEO service delivers the promised results.

I have used 4 SEO guys from warrior forum. Hence, I am qualified to make an enlightened comparison. Out of the 4, Lucky’s SEO is the only service that has gotten me to Google page 1.

The other jokers had only brilliant excuses and explanations to deliver, when I asked for my money’s worth. But I am not going to trash them here, because I have already trashed them on their threads.

You can easily verify this information. Click on my username and you’ll see all the posts I have made in this forum. Find the threads on Google page 1 SEO WSOs.

Some of the posts in which I attacked scammers have been deleted, but you’ll be able to find enough to confirm my point.

And what is the point?

The other 3 Google page 1 SEO services which, I’ve used did not deliver the promised result.

I have undertaken not the trash them here, but I am going to refer you to another scammer in digital point forum.

This scum bag went by the pseudonym “komrad.” Check out his digitalpoint forum thread here.

You’ll find my review on page 6. The review was written in September 2012.

Thank God! I have the same username in digital point forum. This observation should leave no doubt in your mind about my complete credibility.

I am telling you the raw facts, like it is without sugar coating.

I paid this ‘komrad’ douche bag $99. The miscreant disappeared with my money and he was never heard from again. As for the other scammers on warrior forum, find my posts and see the stinking reviews I have left for them.

Now back to lucky.

Many people leave reviews without showing indisputable proof. Most guys do not show proof because they are afraid of revealing their keywords and getting a ton of internet marketer’s swamp in to compete for the same keyword.

I entertain no such fears for the obvious reason: I have got lucky on my team!

Go through my posts in this thread and you will see that I have already posted the link to my site before; including my keyword.

I am telling you this to further concretize my credibility; even though, the ultimate proof which, I provide, makes all other peripheral proofs, superfluous.

One more thing, which I suggest you keep in mind. Observe the length of this post.

Noticed ????

If you have been in internet marketing for a while, you are already impressed. The only time, any internet marketer would ever write such a long review, is when; he is trying to pitch a product, to which, he is affiliated.

Yes, I am pitching a product: namely lucky’s SEO.

No, I am not affiliated with lucky. I am a plain customer like everyone else. I am not being paid a dime for this review.

That said;

Go to and type “mental toughness.”

Mental Toughness

You’ll discover my site Mental Toughness Kit on page 1 and still climbing.

Now, you have incontrovertible evidence that lucky delivers.

You can always say, “Mental toughness is a low competition keyword. Any SEO guy can rank it. Bla! Bla! Bla!!!”

I have just purchased this service for another keyword “hemorrhoids”
This is a high competition keyword.

Grant your eyeballs the festive pleasure of savoring the market samurai keyword research details. Pay special attention to the SEOTC score = 232,000.

Uploaded with

If you are not impressed, you probably don’t get it. So, permit me to spell it out for you.

It means extremely high competition!

I invite you to check the keyword; sometime in the middle of next month (may 2013). You will discover that, I am already on page 1.

That is how outrageously powerful this service is.

************************************************** *************************

And now, I am going to tell you the secret why I am not afraid to disclose my keyword and url.

Lucky cannot rank your site alone. Ranking your site requires a sustained effort on your part. Google loves new content. You must write and post new content consistently.

This is hard work for 80% of the internet marketers out here. It is the kind of effort, they are not willing to supply. The other 20% of internet marketers, who are willing to work hard, do not scare me.

And why don’t they?

Very simple, I have got lucky on my team.

And sorry guys, SEO businesses do not take more than one client for the same keyword. Behaving otherwise would be profoundly unethical.

Now that, you get the deal, if you still wish to profit from this incredibly powerful SEO service, you’ll have to find your own keyword.

Best regards!!