Major SEO Tactics

Five Major SEO Tactics to Help Your Local Business Emerge as the Best

The importance of local SEO is known by all those who run local business and hence there is a list of things you must keep in mind to ensure that your business remains at the top.

1) Title and description tags matter

These are HTML elements that can be customized to reflect the web-page content. It is of extreme importance and must be paid special attention to for they are akin to a “mini-ad” that the major seo tactics used by the businesses need to craft for their audience. The text of the title and descriptions tags are displayed in the search engine results. The generally acceptable length of these title tags range from 50 to 60 characters and the description tags from 160 to 200. You must take this seriously for in a sea of competitive titles and descriptions, if yours does not stand out, then the click-through rate will suffer while your competitor’s won’t.

To ensure that you make a lasting impact, never waste your valuable space on pages that don’t have useful information, include the name of the locality concerning your business in it and focus on the keyword your business description requires. Add the meta tags to the beginning. Last but not the least, make sure you ensure that your ‘mini-ads’ aren’t cut off in search results.

Major SEO Tactics

Major SEO Tactics

2) Citations and online directories

It is important to get your business listed on top online business directories, like, Citysearch, Yelp etc. Respectable local directories such as local newspaper websites, your Chamber of Commerce etc. are places where you might get your business listed.

Get your business’ name, phone number, address etc. on data aggregators that are commonly available. Discrepancies in spelling, abbreviation, phone number etc. will lead to the downfall of your own business, hence caution is suggested in these fields.

According to Google, around 4 out of 5 customers conduct their local searches using search engines yet local businesses rarely claim online business listings. Do not be one to miss this opportunity.

3) Google My Business (GMB)

This is considered to be a big directory and is a wonderful opportunity for local businesses. They should claim their own Google ‘My Business’ page— it is free, gets your unbelievable exposure and might even show up in the Google’s local three pack.

There is a verification process you have to go through to claim your Google My Business page, which is needed for Google wants to confirm the legitimacy of the business.

To optimize your GMB listing, you have to provide it with an eye-catching description, business hours, types of payment accepted, categories etc. It is recommended to upload the logo of your business along with local pictures of the products and services you provide them with.

Other than GMB, you may add your business to the Bing Places for Business too for relevant exposure.

4) Online Reviews

A recent survey claims that a massive amount of 84% of the public trust the reviews they read online and 7 out of 10 consumers will, in fact, leave a review when asked for it. Hence, it is vital that you take online reviews seriously. There are quite a few best seo tools you may use to manage, track and proactively get reviews.

It is but obvious that positive reviews affect the business rankings, however, it is also important that you reply to whatever review you get, positive or a negative. This adds a humane factor to it by showing the customers that you care about them and their complaints or praises.

You should focus on getting reviews on Facebook and your GMB page for people often turn to social media to check the reviews of businesses. GMB reviews might show up online if someone searches for your business and hence, it is vital to get as many positive reviews as possible.


5) Local Structured data markup

These can be added to the code of your website to provide the search engines with more information regarding your business—your products, services, reviews etc. This is used very rarely by websites; however if you decide to use this, you’ll successfully to make your venture stand out.

These are some of the techniques you can apply to emerge victorious amongst your competitors. Use them!

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