7 Fastest Ways To Make Money With SEO

“This Information Is Based On Terry Kyle Webinar on 6 March 2015”.  The Only purpose of this information is to help you to make Fast money Without Investment or with Little Investment.

• Quick/ugly business models for fast SEO/IM money –not only ones, can give you ideas

• Not highly documented just giving you each model fundamentals

• Some require a little money to start, some don’t, just your time

• Fast money not necessarily big money, unless you can scale

• Emergency ‘rent-to-pay’ models

• Avoided ‘create Fiverrgigs’ or ‘write articles’ options

Model 1

  1. Go to JVZoo/warriorplusbestsellers in last day/week/month and find a good converter there that actually has merit (JVZoocommsinstantly paid) –end of WSO thread for real feedback
  2. Buy it and study everything about it for 1-3 days
  3. Now start a new thread on Traffic Planet detailing how to get the best use out of X
  4. Use a ‘car magazine review’ tone -NOThypey
  5. Afflinks in TP signature and/or Part 2 on a blog page (Blogspot, Weeblyetc) e.g. Matt Woodward
  6. If affordable, SEO your TP thread page URL
  7. Expenditure: cost of buying the product + time

Model 2

  1. Using the Register Compass PR domain buying method in STH, buy some PR3s and PR4s (about $20ish each GD}
  2. Then go to both the Digital Point ‘Domains For Sale’ & same on TP (both free to advertise) and sell at 2-3x time the price you paid
  3. Check current approx. PR sales levels
  4. Build iTraderASAP

Model 3

  1. Identify a converting (aff) product for a specific audience
  2. Get the affiliate link
  3. Compare sponsored tweet options like sponsoredtweets.com(& others) for that audience e.g. Shoemoneycharges $150 a tweet
  4. Pay for the tweet –pricing at app.sponsoredtweets.com/tweeters–hit/miss potential is HIGH!
  5. Some tweeters may not accept afflinks, many nonametweeters have supercheapsponsored tweets

Model 4

  1. Not as fast & can’t reveal specific niches/keywords
  2. On the SERPs, Google has certain terms/niches that are EXCLUDED from AdWords bidding (not just porn, many health terms, PR1 in 3rdspot for 110k search term)
  3. Therefore, all of the traffic focus is on…SEO
  4. Find some AdWords-banned niches keywords
  5. Rank a site/s to the top of those SERPs
  6. Place ads on the site as being for sale + contact all other site owners beneath you for the top 3 pages (anyone SEOingfor it), get offers & sell the ranking site

Model 5

  1. Buy PR domain/s using RegCompass method inside STH
  2. Write good themed-relevant content for the site + add nice design e.g. eleven 40
  3. Offer topic-relevant contextual homepage link rentals on TP, BHW & possWF at less than current going rates on each forum
  4. Either monthly (best) or one-off rates

Model 6

  1. Go to masterresalerights.com/plr-software/or similar
  2. Buy best potential plugin
  3. Rebrand to your own software
  4. Create WSO on WF for it (if paid WF member, access WSO selling guide/s for free in “War Room”)
  5. Consider $100 a day banner on WF –600 clicks minimum
  6. Consider upsell to 2ndpiece of software or suite
  7. Many newbies on WF, doesn’t matter if similar software offered in past

Model 7

  1. Creating a platform-specific SEO WSO on WF –hungry for ‘new’ stuff
  2. Instead of ‘how to rank on Google’ your ‘Internal SEO’ PDF guide is on how to rank with internal traffic inside:
  3. Google Apps Store, iPhones app store, Slideshare, Docstoc, Kindle SEO, (YT SEO saturated), Squidoo. (any)
  4. Research-driven project analyzing factors behind results display in 1 or more platforms
  5. Consider $100 a day banner on WF –600 clicks minimum
  6. If your research is solid, I’ll be the first buyer (trading time for money)

Some Of Our Proven Methods to Make Quick Money

Flipping Websites For Profit - Click Here to Expand

  1. Buy Some Quality Sites
    • http://empireflippers.com/ ( ready adsence sites)
    • https://200bucksites.com/
    • https://www.blackhatworld.com/forums/web-design.201/
    • http://www.warriorforum.com/other-website-products-services/
  2. Use Your Servicies to Rank them
  3. You will surely see, some traffic and Sales
  4. Collect all the Sales Data
  5. Go To Flippa, and Sell The site
  6. According to our experience, Site will sale for latest 5 times of Monthly profits
  7. Do This again and again, until cash flow Crisis is over

Once You have enough money, then start retain these sites.



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If You have any Legitimate, Scalable Proven Methods to Make Quick Money then let us know.

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