What Is Local SEO

LOCAL SEO: What It Is and How It Will Help You 

What is local SEO?

This is an effective manner by which you can market your business online. It helps the businesses promote their services and products to local customers. It uses various strategies such as placing localized content on your business website, getting your site ranked on several engines such as Yellowbook, Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and online reviews amongst other strategies to promote your business. It has been found in 2011 that over 40% of the queries searched on mobile have local content and that 4 out of every 5 people use phones to look up what is local seo. About 95% of users look up local information on their search engines with the purpose of contacting a business.

It is a targeted online marketing approach, competitively newer and more effective too. On a certain level, it actually allows you to place your business on the search engines based upon the terms of the very customers. This is what serves to differentiate it from a lot of other marketing techniques.


What Is Local SEO

How Local SEO Helps Your Business

The convenience of local SEO is often undermined by the local businesses which result in them losing out on various ways by which to put their businesses in the limelight. Every single local business can attract more customers using the fresh top seo strategies that local SEO provides you with. Here, we shall elucidate to you why using the local search optimization can improve your online prominence.

What is strong and new currently will, in the near future, grow stronger still. Hence, it is necessary to understand how strong these local search trends which are now at an all-time-high percentile, will grow to be in the new future. If an optimistic future of your local business is wished to be seen by you, then it is high time for you to take advantage of local search engine optimization. This will improve your business and leave your competitors in the blue! Every local business, from that of florists to accountants can boost their business and ultimately, make much more money than they are currently making by using the services to improve local SEO. So, what are you waiting for?

 10 ways by which local SEO will attract new customers:

1) The internet is currently used by customers to find local businesses

Here are some statistics to convince you of this fact:

  • 46% of Google searches are local
  • 64% of local customers use online directories and search engines to find local businesses
  • 96% of searches by PC owners are local searches

All these are a proof of how local SEO is beneficial for a business.

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2) Local search marketing is target and time specific

There is never a better time to forge a connection with a potential consumer than when they need you. By using the services provided to you by local SEO, you can position and promote your business according to the searches made by the user. This will evidently end on good terms for both the user as well as your business.

3) Very high conversion levels 

The conversion level of local directory is up to 50% conversion on some quality directories. This means that if you get your business up on a good online directory; you end up converting 1 in every 2 leads into a customer!

4) Growing digital media

With the advent of technology, more and more users rely on mobile internet to provide themselves with the information related to good local businesses on the go. Local SEO ranking ensures that you will never miss the chance of getting customers.

5) Power of online reviews

It is a fact that over 88% of all local consumers trust online reviews. Imagine your business showing up on a particular trusted online directory or even in Google searches along with a five-star review. This will obviously affect your business in a positive way.

In conclusion, local SEO is a new digital marketing style that has invaded the marketing scenario and the use of it will only yield maximum results. So what are you waiting for? Avail Local SEO services for your company today!

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